5 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry

It’s not at all uncommon for us to suggest that a patient opts for sedation during a procedure by the evansville dentist. The most common response we get is “I’m not nervous, though,” but what those patients don’t realize is why sedation can be great for any number of different reasons. There are a lot of reasons why sedation might be right for you. Here’s just five of them from a list that’s far longer.

 1. It Makes Time Pass Fast

What’s more awkward than getting your teeth worked on? Getting your teeth worked on while you’re simply staring into space! Sedation, even the mildest types, can make time past a lot faster, and even leave you with no memory of your appointment. If you aren’t comfortable with spending an hour staring at your dentist’s hand then we don’t blame yours for considering sedation at all. It’s not like you can have a fun conversation during an appointment.

2. It Saves You Trips

There are a lot of complex dental procedures that take multiple appointments. It isn’t because we can’t get the work done in one sitting it’s simply because there’s a limit to how much patients can handle before it’s been simply too much dental care. Sedation lets you save time by eliminating the need for that second appointment. If you choose IV sedation or general anesthesia we’ll be able to finish the work in one sitting, leaving your calendar free to work or spend time with family uninterrupted.

3. Eliminate Your Gag Reflex

There are plenty of people who don’t have a problem with tools and hands going deep into their mouth to work on those back teeth. There are others who simply can’t handle the prospect, with even the mildest sensation causing a gagging reaction that slows down or interrupts treatment. Sedation can help minimize your gag reflex so that we can perform the work we need to get done without interruption. You’ll feel better, your dental care will be done faster, and you won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of a high gag reflex.

4. Trouble Sitting Still?

Patients who have disabilities or can’t sit still for long periods of time can be greatly helped by sedation. By relaxing the body, we also relax the mind, making the visit go as smoothly and easily as possible. Even the mildest levels of sedation can help fidgety patients. We’re happy to discuss these kinds of treatment needs with you or your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to take advantages of the calming effects of sedation for all types of patients.

5. Sensitive Teeth and Gums

While most people don’t have an actual physical problem with the sensations of dental care, some patients simply can’t handle the feelings that come along with it. If you have teeth and gums that are so sensitive you can’t handle even the simplest of dental treatments sedation can help eliminate your hypersensitivity. The Even nitrous oxide can dull the sensations you feel during appointments. It might be exactly what you need to take the edge off of your care. evansville dentist prefers to treat people with sedation dentistry procedures who are afraid of such treatment.Get a best oral dentist evansville in.